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13 April 2012 @ 02:11 am
fanfic: american gods.  
Posto anche qua le mie fanfic su American Gods. Visto che sono un po' le metto tutte in un singolo post. Buona lettura! :)

{The things that you put in my head: Shadow, Mr. Wednesday; PG; 200w

{Keep you in the dark (you know they all pretend) (and so it all began): Mr. Wednesday/Loki/Shadow; PG-15; incesto; 431w

{Just a lost folklore: Mr. Wednesday/OFC; R; dub-con, sangue, underage; 418w

{Assure me your metronomes' left arm stick shift is stuck on the right words in your ear: Low Key/Shadow; PG; pre-slash, pre-libro; 1.560w

{A nuclear error, but I have no fear: Loki; PG; pre-libro, Londonverse; 170w

{When there's no future how can there be sin? We're the flowers in the dustbin: Loki, Dioniso (OC), Hermes (OC), Delirio - Loki/Dioniso, Loki/Hermes, Loki/Delirio; NC-17; uso di droge, Londonverse; 1.787w

{Is it the dream that one day you might be something you're not?: Loki, Thor; PG; pre-serie, suicidio; 245w

{Debate to understand that we all have a flaw (then fail to represent your life as you know it): Mr. Wednesday/Loki; R; dub-con, violenza; 1.705w

{Sui vantaggi del viaggiare in macchina e sugli svantaggi del viaggiare in autobus: Mr. Wednesday/Loki; PG-15; pre-serie, vagamente crack; 677w

{Come on, join the bloodsport, show us some support: Mr. Wednesday/Loki/Shadow; NC-17; what if..., incesto, seguito di questa fic di waferkya; 2.387w

{All your children here all dressed to kill and end this night: Hel (OC), Fenrir (OC), Jormungandr (OC); PG; 1.635w

{In case you break my fall we're bringing it home: Shadow, Laura, Loki - Shadow/Laura, Loki/Shadow; PG-15; sangue, morte, spoiler per il finale del libro, what if...; 1.758w

{Senza titolo: Low Key, Shadow; G; 80w

{Senza titolo: Loki/Shadow; R; 342w

{We're burning down the highway skyline: Loki, Fat Kid, Media; PG; 471w; in Inglese

{Lollipop-in-cheek: Loki, Laura; G; pre-serie, kid!Laura; 1.005w